Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water Damage Leads to Mold at Local Mall

After a storm with heavy rain, this mall had flooding throughout. Not only was there water in the escalators and on the flooring, but within hours mold began to... READ MORE

It all started with a birds nest....

Birds built a nest in the steeple of this church. Sounds harmless enough. Except that the nest caused an electrical fire that resulted in widespread damage. Fir... READ MORE

Footsteps in the Soot

After a fire at this commercial warehouse, the floor, walls and ceiling were covered by black soot. Take a look at the footsteps in the photo! Luckily, the ware... READ MORE

Warehouse Suffers Fire Damage

It doesn't take a big fire to cause a lot of damage. A minor fire at this Connecticut warehouse left the walls and floors covered with soot. Often, fires in co... READ MORE