Fire Damage Photo Gallery

House with burned walls from a fire

SERVPRO Restoration After Kitchen Fire

You know all of those warnings that you hear about turkey fryers? Well, this is the result of a fire that got out of control as a result of one. Can they cook a delicious bird? Yes - but caution must be taken with them!

house with fire damage

Appliance Fire Causes Widespread Home Damage

We cannot stress how devastating a home fire is and sometimes, they come from the most innocent sources such as cooking meal for your family. We have a number of blog posts about how to cook safely, especially during the holidays. 

servpro technician vacuuming water

Is it Water Damage or Fire Damage?

Looking at this photo, you would assume that we were cleaning up at a water damage job. But this was actually a church fire that had substantial water damage as well due to the fire departments efforts.  

home with fire damage

Local home damaged after cooking fire

House fires can be a significant trauma for a family. A good number of the house fires that we respond to are caused by faulty kitchen appliances or those that have been misused. 

ceiling damaged by fire

Kitchen Fire in Residential Home

When a home has a fire, the aftermath can be devastating. Our team understands how difficult this experience can be for homeowners. They draw upon their expertise to help the restoration process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

hvac filter covered in soot

Puffbacks Spread Soot and Dust Throughout CT Homes

Puffbacks occur when a burner malfunctions, sending black soot throughout the house. Homeowners will find a fine layer of black on all of the surfaces of the house. It can even make it's way into the HVAC system.