Water Damage Photo Gallery

Man removing insulation from a ceiling

Wet insulation removal after house floods

When water makes it's way through the upstairs flooring, everything it touches will have damage, including the insulation. Our team removes, discards and replaces wet items such as insulation and sheetrock. 

Wood floors with drying mats on them

Floor mat system for restoring water damaged flooring

One way that we can restore flooring and eliminate the need for replacing it is through the use of the floor mat system. This system utilizes a strong suction by use of mats, which are attached to a vacuum with hoses, allowing the vacuum to draw out moisture from underneath the floor. The water  becomes vapor and is released into the air. Finally, its time for the dehumidifier, which draws the vapor out of the air, turns it into water and drains it out of the room.

2 SERVPRO employees cleaning contents of a house

We take care of the little things, too

Sometimes after a water damage event, the contents of a home will need to be packed up while restoration is ungoing. Our team takes care to clean every item  - big and small. 

man in protective gear cleaning a ceiling

Water Damage Restoration

The water damage occurred upstairs in the kitchen after the refrigerator ice maker line leaked. The water damaged the kitchen floors and seeped down to the subfloor in the basement below. 

man in servpro uniform vacuuming floor

Water Damage from an Overflowing Toilet

When a toilet malfunctions, the damage can literally spread throughout the house. Because toilet water can be gray or black water (CAT 2 and CAT 3), professional cleanup by SERVPRO is recommended. 

servpro equipment being used to ventialte and dry a room

Mitigating Damage to Wood Floors

When water damage occurs - whether due to flooding, a burst pipe or a bathtub leak - it is not always necessary to rip out the entire flooring. In many cases, we can remove only the damaged area and save the rest.